Swamp Life 3D Gator Eye Full Color Decal

  • $14.95

Product is not licensed or endorsed by any team or organization.
The Swamp Life® 3D Gator Eye Full Color Car or Truck Decal/Sticker
This item ships by itself.

6 inch is approximately 6" wide by 5" high.
8 inch is approximately 8" wide by 6.5" high.
12 inch is approximately 12" wide by 9.5" high.
Product is not licensed or endorsed by any institution or organization. 


Your decal comes with an application tape on top. This is the heavy piece of clear material.

Clean the application surface thoroughly before applying decal!!!

Remove application tape and decal. The decal should be stuck to the back of the application tape. (This tape will hold your decal so that it does not fold back onto itself during application.) If the decal does not initially stick to the tape, lay tape back down and rub over the decal until it does.

Use care during application. Do not put decal straight on. Bend decal slightly so that only a small bit sticks to the surface as a place to start.

Starting on the stuck side, slowly smooth across decal and application tape down to the surface. This needs to be done carefully with something flat, rigid, and smooth as wide as is comfortable. Squeegees work best.

Carefully remove application tape starting from one corner. This needs to be done carefully as well. If decal is still stuck to corner, press back down and repeat until tape lets go. You may also manually separate them if need be. Once the corner lets go, the rest should release easily. Take care in detailed areas like arms and legs.